Rockford Distribution Plant Closing

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Off camera, workers at the company's central distribution plant tell 23 News they're expecting layoffs after getting a memo this week from the company. But Greenlee Textron isn't confirming that. In a statement, the company says...They've outgrown their current plant and need a better location for expansion. They say approximately 100 hourly and salaried workers will be affected by the move. But they wouldn't specify how. Now this news has reached city leaders, who are trying to remain optimistic while convincing the company to remain in town.
"I'm very hopeful. I've got a call into one of the vice presidents of distribution in Rockford to discuss with them opportunities. We think we have a really competitive environment for distribution centers," said Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey. The company didn't say anything in it's statement about where it might go. But it said a decision is coming shortly. They also said employees working in customer or techinical services won't be impacted. Greenlee Textron has operated its distribution plant in Rockford for more than 20 years. The company makes tools for the woodworking and electronic industries.