Stephenson County Sprays for Mosquitos

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In an increased effort to fight off the West Nile virus, Stephenson County Health Department is spraying for mosquitoes tonight.

Thanks to a nearly $50,000 grant from the State Department of Public Health, Stephenson County has stepped-up efforts to prevent any additional cases of the West Nile virus in the area.

Trucks spraying insecticides line the streets in Stephenson County. Their mission: preventing the West Nile virus from striking again. John Ryan of Clark Mosquito Control says the insecticides have been approved specifically for this purpose, so there are no risks to humans or the environment. In fact, he says the spray is less toxic than aspirin. But he adds that it's still very powerful.

Since mosquitoes usually hatch in small containers of still water, Freeport is additionally dispersing mosquito larvacide pellets to storm sewers and drainage facilities where standing water is most likely.