Medicare Cuts Hurt Services

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Locally, many health providers now have to take a look at ways to save money. That could hurt the services that many depend on.

Medicare pays for staffing and supplies, components that are needing in order to provide adequate care to those needing short term and long term care. At Provena St. Anne Center two out of three residents depend on Medicare or Medicaid. Just recently, Medicare reimbursements dropped by about $32 per resident.

Administrators say they are going to have to look and see where they can reduce in order to accommodate decreased payments from the government. Now St. Anne has activated an advocacy program so no one feels abandoned when they need Medicare coverage.

St. Anne Center is asking that you stop by and sign a pre-written form opposing these cuts. Advocating in the past, they've managed to gather about seven hundred faxes. They hope state legislatures will receive even more this time.