Colorlab Cosmetics

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A dash of red, a touch of pink, a pinch of purple and five minutes later, a custom-blended lipstick from Colorlab Cosmetics is ready to wear.

This process can be compared to the eight-year-old company’s achievements. You start with a novel idea, add a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, a touch of dedication and a pinch of motivation and you're left with an unbelievable success story.

"We've really grown this thing from a belief and an understanding of the industry that has given us this great niche market that keeps growing into something great," says Jason Buell, managing director of Colorlab Cosmetics.

And due to this growth, the custom-blended cosmetic company is expanding and hiring.

"Immediately we have a national sales director and a sales rep positions open. In addition, we plan to hire and additional 25 to 30 people probably in the next 18 months," says Buell.

"The new thing we have now is a Colorlab branded line, which is sold under the Colorlab Cosmetic name launching into stores in spring 2005," says Justine Markese, senior brand manager for Colorlab Cosmetics.

As Colorlab continues to branch its products all over the world, the roots of the company remain in the heart of the midtown district, continuing to spread a palette of color over an area that's on the path to revitalization.

"Our family has a strong attachment to Rockford and its revitalization and betterment. Revitalization takes great risks and needs someone to take a leap. Colorlab has done that and we're happy to contribute to something that has its heritage in the Rockford community," says Buell.

If you're interested in finding out more about possible job opportunities, contact Colorlab Cosmetics.