Holiday Shopping

Retailers are predicting this will be one of the best retail seasons since 1999.

Holiday sales are expected to hit approximately $219 billion, an estimated five percent more than last season.

Across the stateline and across the nation, parking lots were full; cash registers were ringing and shopper's hands full with bags. There will be a lot more packages under the Christmas tree this year, if analysts are correct.

Some expect there'll be a lot more giving going on this year, sales for November, December and January could be up 5.5 to six percent.

On average shoppers are expected to spend upwards of $700 this season.

But despite the lines and crowds, some say Friday is not actually the biggest shopping day of the year, it's the weekend before Christmas.

Retailers are doing their part to lure customers. Many are offering deeper discounts. Some opened earlier Friday than they did last year.

WIFR Holiday Shopping Guide