School Forum

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Diversity and discipline topped Thursday’s second community school forum. Over 70 brand new faces were invited to give constructive criticism about Rockford schools.

"It's tough, it's really tough," says Tiffany Feehan.

This parent of three is speaking out about how difficult it is to get parents at school functions and more importantly in their child's classroom. In Feehan's group the consensus is that student achievement starts at home.

"Parent involvement is a huge concern, but the parents who want to be educated are the parents who are already involved."

In four rooms, groups of about 15-20 diverse people took turns listening to one another about student discipline, busing, healthy lunches and learning.

Rockford school district assistant superintendent, Linda Hernandez, tells 23 News, "They are affirming what we have been saying."

After the three forums district leaders and board members will have written testimony from over 200 people. District leaders say they are anxious to take action on this night of verbal recommendations.

The third forum takes place on Tuesday at Lincoln Middle School.