Pork Plant

Trim-Rite is looking to build a new slaughtering and processing plant in Winnebago County. Would a pork processing plant fit into our community? Local leaders say a tour of the Trim-Rite plant in Carpentersville will give them a chance to answer that question.

Trim-Rite would like to put a plant in Rockford, creating about 200 jobs for local workers. The location would likely be just north of Bypass 20 and Montague Road. It will mirror the facility in Carpentersville, except the one here would also be slaughtering pigs, about 2,000 a day.

But while the exact location isn't known, many residents who live near the Bypass and Montague are already starting to worry. They don't want a slaughterhouse in their neighborhood.

The pig pens will have a state of the art air flow system. Blood drying and rendering, which also create strong odors, won't be done at the plant. Neighbors are more than welcome to tour the Carpentersville plant to see for themselves how Trim-Rite works.

It's not a done deal yet, but we can expect a final decision by January.