11-Year-Old Saves Grandmother

OGLE COUNTY (WIFR) -- An 11-year-old Stateline girl is being hailed as a hero tonight for keeping her calm and calling 9-1-1 to save her grandmother's life.

"Kayla, take a deep breath for me, you're doing really good. Ok. Can you tell me is she breathing ok? Yes, she's breathing, I grabbed her medication and put it in a bag."

Today the Ogle County Sheriff's Department held a special ceremony in her honor. Kayla Boyd thought it was just another assembly, until they called her up and presented her with a medal.

In early December, her grandmother started suffering complications from a surgery, virtually shutting her system down. Kayla called 9-1-1 and stayed on the line for more than 10 minutes until EMTs arrived. She says she never took her eyes off her grandma.

"Seeing how my grandma was and that she was still talking, gave me hope that she was going to be ok.” Kayla said.

Kayla's grandmother is recovering at a DeKalb nursing home. You can hear more of this local hero's story tonight on the 23 News Update at 10.

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