Winnebago County Road Proposal Putting Homeowners on Edge

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The Rockford Area Transportation Study, or RATS, has the responsibility of helping define the city's growth and development the next 20 years.

In 2005, Winnebago County is expected to connect a four-lane highway from north to Springbrook Road in Loves Park.

But RATS is also considering adding an arterial road east of I-90 that would run north to Highway 173 and south to State Street.

RATS will gather comments the next three months before making a recommendation. Residents are concerned about how close bulldozers could come to their doorstep.

“It’s sad to think how many people it's going to disrupt their lives, their properties, the extra traffic. It's an enormous project they have planned. I hope they look at the alternative solutions," Wayne Paulson says.

“One of the reasons we’re out here is to take a look at the advanced planning needed to determine what kind of highway system will support the kind of development we believe will be underway," Winnebago County Engineer Joe Vanderwerff says.