County Board Member Deployed

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A Stephenson County board member will soon be deployed to Iraq. William Hadley has been in the military for 20 years. We spoke with him Wednesday about serving for his country as well as for his county.

Serving his country now takes center stage as Stephenson County board member William Hadley leaves his county board seat and heads to Iraq.

"I love my country and I enjoy serving in the military. It's just something that I love doing," says Hadley.

Hadley is packing up to ship out with the 1158th Transportation Unit. He'll be a senior truck driver, most likely moving equipment in convoys around Iraq, a dangerous job that his fellow board members don't take lightly.

"We're proud of Mr. Hadley as he steps forward again," says county board chairman John Blum.

"Being a public servant and a veteran, I see the unselfish sacrifice he's making," adds fellow District E board member Ed Yde.

But the sacrifice may be two fold. His deployment could jeopardize his re-election in November. Each district has two representatives. His absence would leave district e with only one, which could sway voters.

"It's not like he's completely out of touch. We have a lot of tools to keep him up to speed so when he gets back he can hit the ground running," says Blum.

And that's the message Hadley's taken with him on the campaign trial. He plans on lobbying for votes until his deployment later this month, trying to convince voters that serving his country won't hinder service to his county.

Hadley is running against Democrat Mickey Martin for the District E seat.

The send off for the 1158th Unit will be Saturday, October 24 at the Beloit Armory.