Potential Calendar Change

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The South Beloit School District is beginning to discuss adopting a year round school calendar.

Year round schooling is an alternative to the typical nine-month school calendar. Instead of a long summer break there are more frequent vacations throughout the year. Right now the district is just beginning to explore this concept.

South Beloit Supt. Michael Duffy has circulated what the year round school calendar would look like to his staff. Now, he wants their opinion on if this is a positive or negative move for the district.

Supt. Duffy says a year round calendar is not being discussed to save money but to better educate at risk students. Some parents are concerned that they won't get to speak out about before and if the board takes action.

"I have seen this in the past; they discuss what they want to in a closed session meeting. When they come to an open session meeting the decision has already been made. This happened back in march with P.E., art and music,” concerned parent Brian Laws says.

Again the board has made no decision on year round schooling.