Halloween Costumes

It's a day children look forward to all year and one that brings out the kid in all of us. As we get ready to usher in the night of fright, we talked to some customers about their costume selections.

"A hockey player," said Matthew Richards.

"I'm going to be a witch," said Claire Minnaert.

"A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader," said Natalie Richards.

"I'm going to be minister of darkness," said Travis King.

Political masks are always big sellers. There are still several Senator Kerry masks in stock, but the owner says the President Bush masks flew of the racks, so although the two candidates are in a virtual dead heat in the polls, it appears that at this store President Bush has taken the lead.

The spirit of Halloween is now in full swing and more and more people are hanging up their homemade costumes and heading out to stores like Halloween Express to find the perfect holiday threads.

"I'm looking for a costume for myself and my boyfriend, and my girls are also looking around, " said Deb Cordonnier.

From spooky masks to traditional favorites, there's a “crypt-full” of ideas for everyone, and children won’t be the only ones bringing home a bag of goodies this Halloween.

The holiday also means big sales for retailers. The National Retail Federation says consumers will spend more than $3 billion on Halloween purchases, and that's no trick!