New Company Brings New Jobs to the Stateline

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A new company with the potential to create hundreds of jobs opens its doors in Rockford. Medplans, a medical claims processing office, is bringing hope to some local job seekers.

It was the call Kimberly Buntyn had been waiting for ever since she lost her job two years ago when the company she worked for, Conseco Medical Insurance Company, closed its doors in Rockford.

"It was very difficult to find jobs in the same field," explains Buntyn.

But Buntyn learned Medplans, a new medical claims processing company, was hiring. Ironically, her former Conseco boss was working for the business and wanted her to join the team.

"The first eight employees I hired are all people that worked for me previously at Conseco. It's been exciting and nice to see those people again," says Laura Fiet, the Medplans Service Center director.

"Usually when you start a new job there's a lot of anxiety. It's nice to come in knowing who you're going to work for, knowing everybody. It's actually quite refreshing," adds Buntyn.

The hiring process will continue. The company would like to grow to at least 100 employees in the next few years.

"It'll have everything to do with what we think Rockford's community can bear as far as providing us with skilled and experienced claim examiners. It's very exciting," says Fiet.

Fiet will recruit about 10 more employees this week, and since similar local companies, like Great West, Etna or General American have closed or cut back in the last few years, she's expecting good things.

"One of the things Medplans does is go into communities where there's been a disruption in work for medical claims workers. That's why Rockford is a great place to come," says Fiet.

And that's why she says she expects Medplans to have a lasting future in our area.

Medplans is headquartered in Kansas. Rockford is its third location. If you’re interested in applying for a position you can call the company for more information at 381-0800.