Man Cleared in Sex Abuse Case

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The case was recently dismissed in Ogle County against 57-year-old Randy Fritz. Back in August, Fritz was charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Now he tells 23 News that prosecutors dropped the case because they didn't think it carried any weight. We caught up with Fritz and his family at their home Tuesday night. He and his wife said they never believed the allegations in the first place, and say they still don't know why his niece made them. Fritz added that he felt pressure from investigators to give in and admit to the charges. He says it's been a tough couple of months. But support from his church helped alot. "The support iIgot from church was overwhelming. From the pastor on down it just heartwearming," Fritz said. "That was the past. We will be able to move on. Brighter days ahead of us," said Fritz's wife Starr. Fritz says he hasn't spoken to his niece or her family since he was cleared. And he's not sure yet if he'll do that moving forward. After the charges were filed in August, Fritz spent a day and half in jail. And he had four pre-trial court hearings before the case was dropped last week.

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