President Bush Looking At Retired Army General To Head Veteran Affairs Dept.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Bush is expected to tap a retired Army general to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, and questions about an Illinois VA site is among the issues James Peake may have to grapple with.

If confirmed by the Senate, Peake would lead the government's second-largest agency as the Bush administration and Congress struggle to answer questions about treatment of wounded soldiers.

Medical care at a VA hospital at Marion (Illinois) and throughout the VA system will be the subject of a Senate committee hearing November Sixth.

At the Illinois site, the VA says ten patients died under Doctor Jose Veizaga-Mendez's (vy-ZAH'-gah MEN'-dezes) care during his 20 months working there. He resigned in August, three days after one of his patients bled to death after surgery.

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