Little Piano Man

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Most 12-year-old kids are busy with studies, sports and friends, but it is rare that a 12-year-old's goal is to learn all of Mozart's piano concertos.

At the age of five, this piano man, Kit Armstrong, started to let the music move him.

Kit says, "I didn't have musical background before I started composing. I just used an Encyclopedia to see how the notes, stems, and keys were."

He says when he finally played that first composition it wasn't necessarily music to his ears, but it was the start of his musical career. What's even more amazing is he was composing before he even knew how to play.

"I love composing. I just finished my third string quartet."

Now this piano prodigy performs Bach, Beethoven and Mozart and has played in such prestigious places as Carnegie Hall.

"Playing at Carnegie Hall was good for me. I am very proud of that," Kit tells 23 News.

In his spare time, Kit is just a normal 12-year-old, if normal means attending a music academy in London and studying mathematics in college.

Kit is in town for two days. Friday night he will be performing at 7:30 p.m. at the Second Congregational Church in Rockford. This is a free concert, compliments of the Mendelssohn Club. This piano prodigy will perform Saturday night at 8 p.m. with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra at the Coronado Theatre.