Rockford Highway Employee Levels Charges Commissioner Denies

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Claiming no one pressured him to come forward, Rockford highway worker Chuck Williams lashed out against his employers.

"These people are abusing their authority and they need to stand up and take responsibility for it," Williams said.

Williams filed several claims against the department, notably the charge that highway leaders allowed workers to be paid after leaving early. Commissioner Pete MacKay denounced the claims and said workers were only punched out early because they worked through breaks.

"He's alleging thousands of dollars for work not done, we haven't paid one single cent of taxpayer money that’s not been performed," MacKay said.

The charges are now in the hands of Winnebago County district attorney Paul Logli, who says it's too early to say where the charges will go from here.

"On paper they appear to be serious allegations but I assign no credibility at this point to it until they can be assigned to the appropriate law enforcement agency," Logli said.

Williams firmly believes the charges to be true, and hopes they can be heard in court.

"Somebody needs to look into this and I'm hoping the state's attorney's office will take this seriously because I do," Williams said.

MacKay plans on filing libel and slander charges against Williams and says the charges are politically motivated.

"I really don't appreciate having people of this low caliber doing this, and they are going to pay for it in more ways that they can count," MacKay said.

A saga that's likely to get even more heated in the coming weeks.

Chuck Williams is currently on disability, but has worked at the Highway Department for seven years. Pete MacKay was elected as highway commissioner in 2001.