Costumes Banned for Some Harlem Elementary Schools

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There's a little more work to do on Kylee Semenchuk Tinkerbell costume. So to keep in the Halloween spirit, the six-year-old models an old flower girl dress, soon to be warn as a princess gown by her older sister Kirstin. But unlike Kylee, Kirstin won't be wearing her costume to school.

"It's kind of sad because I grew up doing that and look forward to my kids being about to do that kind of fun stuff," says PTA President Char Semenchuk.

For the first time, Loves Park Elementary School and four other elementaries in the Harlem School District won't be allowing costumes in class on Halloween.

"Every year there's probably five or six kids in each grade sometimes more who don't have costumes and then they feel left out and dread the day or they don't come to school at all," Semenchuk says.

Loves Park also canceled the school costume parade due to sexual predators living nearby. And with so many kids caught in custody battles, administrators are fearful of letting an unwelcome parent on school grounds.

"You have parents coming in costume with masks extra children you don't know if the kids belong in the school if they don't belong in the school. If they walk out the kids are they checked out correctly."

Some parents think the school district is being overprotective and that Halloween should be more than just candy.

The three remaining Harlem Elementary Schools will ban costumes starting next year. The middle and high school haven't allowed them for quite some time. Loves Park Elementary School will host a fall festival on Friday. It's at Grace Lutheran Church from 5-30 to 8. Parents are required to attend.

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