Parents of Missing Children React to Their Return

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For Scott Lundberg, Oct. 6 will always be remembered as the day that could have been tremendously worse.

"It's a horrifying experience. It’s the worst. I can't imagine the parents that still haven't found their kids, it's unbelievable," Lundberg said.

But in the matter of minutes, the worst turned into the best as Scott and his wife were reunited with their two daughters, seven-year-old Kelsi and six-year-old Erika. The girls were reported missing after a misunderstanding, in which a friend's dad took them to Lake Louise, unbeknownst to their parents.

"I hold no hard feelings for the man that took my daughters, but he realized he made a couple of mistakes, but it's over," Lundberg said.

The girls were located at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, when one daughter phoned home and then were returned by police. It capped a massive manhunt in which police, fire workers and neighbors joined together in a community-wide search.

"I can't say enough about the neighbors and the Police Department and everybody; it was unbelievable the response we got from everybody, including people I work with. It was tremendous," Lundberg said.

And on the night his daughters are returned safe, Scott has a message for parents and their children: communicate, communicate, communicate.

"If you want to take someone's children you should talk instead of relying on kids going to him saying, "Yeah, Dad said we can go and take him." That's the misunderstanding," Lundberg said.

The girls were out of school because Maple Elementary has year round school, and this is their fall vacation.

Neither police nor the parents believe there was any foul play involved. Police do not plan on filing any charges.