Winnebago County Will Close Satellite Jail

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Winnebago County’s satellite jail will be shut down on Oct. 1.

And that's raising some serious questions. Inmates are being released and corrections officers are faced with layoffs. And victims of crime are seeing their attackers walk free.
Public safety is being called into question as the satellite jail shuts down.

But county administrators say it's the safest plan to deal with budget cuts in excess of $1 million. Within the walls of Winnebago County’s satellite jail, empty beds and jail space.

46 overflow inmates from the Winnebago County jail remain, by Oct. 1, 96 will of been let out.

All of them face charges like forgery, robbery, home invasion, and battery.

Sheriff Dick Myers says most of the inmates will remain on probation, supervision, or within the court system.

But will inmates set free on their own recognizance commit other criminal offenses.

For the answer to that question, we sit down with inmate Robert Barr, charged with battery.

From inmates to staff positions, 24 corrections positions will be cut as a result of the shutdown, 10 of them will remain filled until the end of September.

The satellite facility will continue it's work release program.

If a new jail is built in Winnebago County - the satellite jail would be used for probation violation offenders.

But all of this is based on budget - and votes on the November ballot.