Harvard Teacher Strike

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The Harvard School District has been negotiating a contract with its teachers since April, but those negotiations broke down with a federal mediator at 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Now teachers are striking outside district schools, and say they won't go back until the district amends the contract.

Larry McEnaney has taught in the district for 31 years - he and 150 other teachers say
Harvard is losing good teachers to hire paying jobs in surrounding districts.

The districts latest contract offer includes an 18.5 percent increase in salary and benefits. The teachers union is asking for a 25 percent increase over those two years.

School board president Diane Evertsen says if the district matches the union's contract, they would go bankrupt, and have to resort to deficit spending.

Teachers aren't the only people hitting the picket lines. Harvard School District senior Diana Navarro says she wants to be back in school - learning from teachers who want to be teaching in Harvard.

Teachers and the district say they are hopeful the strike will end this weekend.

However no further negotiations have been scheduled with a federal mediator, and still no word on how the days missed will be made up.