Forrestville Valley School District Complaint

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A German Valley mother is fighting to get her 10-year-old son an education.

Beth Randall’s son Alex has a seizure disorder and autistic-like tendencies. Alex's condition has led to serious problems with the school district where he attended regular classes, up until about a year ago.

Alex Randall hasn't been to school in almost a year, after a terrifying day at school last fall.

"I just raced down there and I was crying and calling my ex husband Alex’s father saying you have to get down here,” says Beth Randall.

After weeks of problems, including alleged physical abuse at German Valley Grade School, Alex transferred to Leaf River. But the problems persisted, and the special needs students fled the building one afternoon. With school officials close by, Alex slipped into a cornfield, got lost and nearly drowned in the leaf river.

"He was covered in mud. It was all over his head running out of his nose. How could they let this happen to someone? Yes I was very upset,” says Beth.

A state hearing officer reviewed the incident and found the school district had humiliated and abused Alex. The officer ordered that Alex receive schooling from teachers who are trained in special education.

"The simplest thing is for Alex to get an education and we want staff to get trained so Alex can go back to school,” says Alex’s attorney Charles Fox.

The district is appealing the hearing officer's decision, saying the officer overstepped her jurisdiction with the order and inaccurate information was presented at the hearing. The school district also says the real problem is Alex who has a history of aggression.

It will likely take a while to resolve the complaint, but all Alex wants to return to school and feel safe there.