High Voter Registration

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With such hot issues as the war in Iraq, unemployment and health care, this presidential election is drawing voters. For the past two days there has been a mad rush of people making sure their vote will count this November.

Gary Worthman's clock is ticking. Before the deadline he wants to make sure to register as many voters as possible.

"It may be the most important election. We are at a fork in the road and we will either go one way or another."

Worthman says as he turns in voter registration cards.

Winnebago County Board of Elections office says this may be the best voter turnout since the '92 election when George Bush and Bill Clinton faced off. That year voter turnout was 85 percent.

Winnebago County Elections Supervisor Margie Mullins says, "It looks like we might have another good election when we may get 80 percent or better, and that would be great."

At the Rockford Board of Elections office, the expectations are also high. Nancy Strain tells 23 News, "In 2000 we had a lot of people, but I really think there is going to be more this time. There has been so many people in the past two days."

In 2000, over 85,000 voters were registered to vote in Rockford. That is a statistic that is expected to be surpassed in this election. For the first time, many young voters will "rock the vote."

Peter Yi is finally old enough to vote. He tells 23 News, "It's new for me and I don't know what to expect, but hopefully I can make a difference."

Even though the registration doors have closed, absentee voters are always welcomed. The Rockford office started accepting absentee ballots on September 23. Winnebago County Elections Office will begin absentee voting Tuesday, October 12, 2004. Both will accept absentee ballots up to the day before the election.