Retention Policy

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The Rockford School Board says their retention policy is going to take on some big changes.

That's after the district meets to discuss why 400 students we're allowed to advance grades, after failing every one of their classes.

The problem is, kids are failing to make the grade, but still advancing grade levels. The possible solution, a new four-step intervention-remediation plan set to take effect in February of 2003.

Research shows 60 percent of students held back in grade level just once will eventually drop out.

That's why social promotion, or advancing failing students in grade levels is a popular trend in school districts across the state. Problem is, it isn't exactly legal. The education committee is eying up a new four-step intervention, remediation plan to drop retention numbers.

It includes:

  • Re-developing retention intervention programs
  • Developing tighter guidelines on student attendance and truancy.
  • Assessing student academics quarterly - instead of yearly.
  • Creating curriculum standards based on standardized testing.

    But some board members say the plan will never work. Board member David Strommer calls the plan bureaucratic, and in effective.

    A new committee will be created to work on the four step plan, which will be complete by February of 2003. It could include more funding for intervention and remediation programs at the middle school level.