"I walked up to the counter and told the nurse I think I have MRSA and she said yah.. you and 10 thousand other people."

Lisa Cubberly and her 3 year old daughter Melissa are two of the six people in their family... diagnosed with MRSA

"It wasn't ever something, you know, I've heard of ..being in the community. It was something I thought only elderly people got in the hospital."

Over the past 2 years, MRSA infections have primarily occurred in patients staying in hospitals or long term care facilities, but doctors like Gary Rifkin at the Illinois College of Medicine say thats no longer the case.

"Now we have another strand thats gained and is growing in numbers that are not associated with the health care system and these are called Community Aquired MRSA Infections."

A counter top full of antibiotics is nothing new to the Cubberlys. Four years ago their 9 year old son was diagnosed with what doctors said was one of the first community cases of the illiness.

The financial aspect can be just as excruciating. "It's hard for me to get a job and keep a job because I have to miss alot of work for her."

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