Fishy Situation in Machesney Park

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A terrible smell is causing concern for Machesney Park residents living along Willow Creek, and it's lead to an interesting discovery. Since Friday, residents in a Machesney Park neighborhood have been searching high and low to figure out what smells so bad, and Tuesday they figured it out.

For days a horrible stench has hung over Kelly Darden 's Machesney Park neighborhood. Residents have closed their windows, and searched their yards for a culprit.

"It's so gross there's so many bugs and stuff,” says Darden.

Willow creek is dried up and littered with thousands of dead fish.

Residents say they've seen this creek bed dry up before, but they've never seen or smelled so many dead fish in their backyard.

"If they could help us clean it up that would be awesome. I think we should do a study to find out why all these little fish are here,” says Darden.

Machesney Park Village President Linda Vaughn would not talk on camera, but said she thinks the fish are just another result of the stateline's ongoing drought. Vaughn says there's little chance the village will cleanup the fish.

In a statement Vaughn said the dead minnows are a new problem for the village and its residents, but it should work itself out in a few days.