Sports Wedding Dress

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David Gaffke is the MVP when it comes to designing an "out of the park" wedding dress. He’s a Chicago dress designer., a perfectionist and a die hard sports fan... today he " touches down" at Loves parks "One Stop Wedding Shop" to show off some of his unique creations to some traditional brides.. Kristi Schlotter is a huge Cubs fan
" I’m a typical cubs fan so anything I can get associated with my team I’m excited"....

Her mom. Is a Packer fan

"I’m a packer fan.. I don't know if I would wear that to a wedding"

David’s "line up" includes wedding dresses from the Packers. To military themes... but when it comes to an authentic wedding dress he's cheering for *any Chicago team

“We should be number one in all aspects of sports .I don't know why were not but it's a way to give back and show that I’m a fan" ..
And to * score one of these dresses it goes back to the that old saying

".something borrowed.. Something new.. Something old.. Something blue.”...
These dresses aren't for sale but can be borrowed... And depending on what kind of sports fan you are.. You might be able to knock out that blue part to.

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