Local Computer Experts Reflect on Web's Anniversary

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On the 10-year anniversary of when the web went world wide, Rockford webmaster Jim Royster says it's a day that technology changed forever.

"It has got to be one of the most fantastically huge leaps of technology that we've had in the past," Royster said.

It’s a leap that that now connects the world's information, e-commerce and even live chats all at the click of a mouse. Royster says even with its explosion over the decade, the web's true potential is just beginning.

"When you see everything that you do see, realize that it's just a small portion of all that's really out there," Royster said.

Though the web's has made life easier for millions, Royster agrees the web's negative forces must be held into check.

"By being responsible ourselves and with our children and those things, the Internet will work out to be what it was meant to be and that is a helping force in the world," Royster said.

It’s a force that has benefited Royster and other stateline web gurus this past decade and decades to come.

"Rockford has a fantastic Internet presence; we've got web developers and companies in town that care about people and get their message out in the Internet," Royster said.

Millions of messages ready to be searched on computers every day, thanks to the web.