High Speeds on North Mulford Rd.

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Everyday, John Tobias fights with traffic. All while trying to turn into his driveway, hidden off North Mulford Road. His family has gotten into four wrecks trying to make that turn. Each time, rear-ended by a driver going too fast or not paying attention.

"We signal two to three times far in advance as normal. You've got to watch your rear view mirror like a hawk," Tobias says.

Rockford Police set up speed trailer near Tobias' home. It captured drivers going up to 77 miles an hour in a 45 mile zone. But since those speed trailers often prompt us to tap the breaks, city engineers are investigating how to change North Mulford's traffic pattern.

"You could either widen the road or re-stripe it reallocate the distance in each of the lanes and you could come up the possibility of providing those left turns or you could restrict left turns completely," says Traffic Engineer Steve Ernst.

The city can also keep tabs on how fast we're driving with a data capture device. One is put in each lane and digitally records our speed.

While zapping our speed and pulling us over does help slow the ticketed driver down, Tobias hopes we can adopt a zero tolerance policy and arterial road residents arrive home safely.

City engineers will be conducting a speed study sometime in the next few months. This will help them determine how to crack down on the problems on these main arteries, not often recognized as residential neighborhoods.

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