Blast-Proof Paint

Dave Lagoo owns stateline Line X, an affiliate of a southern California company that provides spray-on truck bed liners, completely sealing out water and dirt and providing thick, impact absorbing protection.

"It has such a strong tinsel strength that you can actually take a two-inch piece of this product and stretch it to six inches before it even starts to tear," said Lagoo.

Following the 1996 Khubar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, the U.S. government starting testing protective coatings for blast mitigation. Line X was the only coating to pass all of the bomb blasts, and just this month a research center in New Mexico held the latest round of tests on this product.

One dummy was placed in a room protected with the Line X, another dummy was placed in an unprotected room. After the blast, the unprotected room was completely devastated and researchers say if there were people in the room, there would most certainly have been fatalities. The dummy in the Line X protected room was unscathed. Dust was kicked up in the room, but no walls collapsed.

Walls painted with the stronger than steel product can withstand explosions up to 20 times greater than what a normal, uncoated wall can withstand.

"The buildings where are men stay in areas of combat, with this on it, if a mortar shell comes flying at it, it's going to keep it from collapsing and injuring everyone inside, " said Lagoo.

The company gained its reputation in the automotive marketplace, but now the race to protect America is being led by Line X, protecting lives in dangerous settings across a world now ridden with terrorism.