Officer Relives Threat

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It's like something you'd see in a movie, two suspects, attempting to cash a stolen check, make a fast getaway and nearly running over a police officer before slamming into squad cars.

But it wasn't a movie. Last night that was the scene at a loves park bank. Thursday, 23 news reporter Nichole Vrsansky spoke exclusively to the first officer on the scene about his close call.

Two suspects try to cash a stolen check at the First Federal on North 2nd and Hanna Court. Officer Andrew Morse was the first to arrive on the scene.

"You don't know who you're dealing with in a situation like that," says Officer Morse.

Officer Morse approached the car in the third teller-lane, but instead of cooperating, the suspects put the car in gear and headed straight for Officer Morse. He was able to dive out of the way as the car slammed into this fence and into squad cars as the suspects made their getaway, out of the driveway and onto Hanna Court.

When asked what was going through his mind at the time, Morse replied, “I don't know - I don't know, when somebody drives a vehicle at you, you're thinking of your safety and getting out of there as quick as you can."

Thirty-four-year-old Brad Evans and 26-year-old Toni Anderson were arrested after a short foot chase. No one was injured but Officer Morse says he's still reflecting on the what ifs.

"I have a wife and daughter and you think about that stuff, what would've happened if that vehicle struck me," replies Morse.

Officer Morse says he hugged his family a little tighter last night. But asked if he'd do it again, he says, absolutely.

Brad Evans of Harvard has been charged with aggravated assault and battery of a police officer as well as resisting arrest and damage to property. Toni Anderson is from Cherry Valley has been charged with resisting arrest and possession of stolen property. They're both being held on $500,000 bond at the Winnebago County jail.