A Smaller Version of the Proposed Winebago County Jail

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Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department and County Board members continue to make rounds giving voters a chance to ask where this tax hike is really going.

Voters at a meeting on Monday night say they still have doubts about exactly why $130 million is needed to build a new jail.

Some voters say they would like to see the money be used in alternative programs or even to build a smaller scale version of the proposed jail.

Since August Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Myers and County Board members have been speaking at various meetings. The goal is to try to find a way to make the 1,200 bed jail pass.

Sheriff Myers says one of the major sticking points he’s been hearing from voters is why such a big jail with such a big price tag.

Myers says he has taken these concerns to the architect to look at. Now plans are in the works for a 200-bed facility with the potential to add more cells on later.

By scaling down the jail and developing the final plan in phases there’s the potential to save about $8 million.