Chrysler May Drop Compass

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Connie Young enjoys a laugh and a beer at the Backstop Bar and Grill in Belvidere. But things in her professional life as a vehicle inspector at the Chrysler's Belvidere plant aren't so funny right now."It makes you feel like, Wow, is anybody secure or what's really going on?" Young said. Those feelings are the result of a temporary layoff at the Belvidere plant right now because of slumping vehicle sales. And coupled with that: reports out of Detroit Wednesday that the Jeep Compass, which is made in Belvidere, could be pulled from Chrysler's production line. "The word has been that we just haven't been making that much money on it here, in the United States," Young said. A Chrysler spokeswoman didn't return our phone calls for comment on the Compass situation. But the Detroit Free Press says the jeep is among five models that could be axed by the end of the month. Chrysler is doing a product evaluation and looking at overlap issues in its fleet. The word from Young is that it could be more than than a few weeks before workers know something for sure about the Compass' future. "In January, they're supposed to discuss some things, tell us what's selling, not selling," Young said. Meantime, she heads back to work on Monday when the two-week layoff is over. She plans to just take everthing day by day, and hopefully laugh about all this news when it finally hits the road. We want to let you know that there is at least one report out of Detroit that doesn't list the Compass getting eliminated from Chrysler. All of the predictions, either way, are coming from analysts in the car industry.

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