ComEd Rate Hikes

It appears ComEd won't take no for an answer, a year after getting shot down by the Illinois Commerce Commission the electric company is asking for another rate hike and this hike would add $6 to a typical $75 monthly bill.

ComEd wants a 361 million dollar increase in rates, they say it's needed to modernize and expand it's current system and also to keep up with growing demands for electricity by customers but the executive director of the citizens utility board says ComEd is an extremely profitable company and this rate hike is unnecessary.

"We certainly haven't seen any evidence that they deserve this type of increase. We're going to be examining this filing very closely and ultimately be fighting them at the Illinois Commerce Commission to make sure consumers don't pay a penny more for their electricity than they should."

Both sides will argue before a judge at the ICC before a decision is reached if a rate hike is approved it would most likely go into effect in September of 2008.

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