Jefferson Principal Returns to Work

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Armed with three local ministers, Principal Kenneth Jackson gets a warm welcome back from students at Jefferson High School.

"I'm really glad he's back cause I want the school to go back to the way it was," says Jefferson junior Ambreyana Baker.

"Everybody's really excited cause he makes school better and it was horrible," says Jefferson junior Paris Ellis.

On September 12th, administrators sent students home early after several fights broke out. Students say the fighting was in response to Jackson's suspension, pending a grade change investigation from last school year. That's when we learned his Illinois certification expired. Now renewed, some parents feel Jackson should have never been removed from his post.

"I think it's wrong. He's done really well for the kids and he's tried really hard to do well for the kids," says parent Starlette Spates.

Jackson hosted an assembly for seniors, explaining why he was absent and answered questions about allegations.

"Dr. Jackson gave us a lot of encouraging words to reminisce upon and told us to do our best and get back to the way we were before things go out of hand," says Jefferson senior Rashad Grant.

Even though everyone we asked about Dr. Jackson says they're thrilled about his return, there's still a lot of parents out there who feel this has set a bad example and it teaches students they don't have to follow the rules.

Jackson did not want to comment on returning back to work. No word if the three ministers following him around the school were there for support or if they were needed for security.

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