Absentee Voters Hitting the Polls Ahead of Time

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Eighty-seven-year-old Marjorie Nelson doesn't want to hear any excuses on why you aren't voting this November.

"We always vote, always. I don't think we've ever missed not voting as long we can hobble down there," Nelson said.

Since casting her first vote in 1936, Nelson has seen plenty of change in the White House. What hasn't changed is her civic duty.

"I hope I voted the right way. I'm sure I did, but it'll work out. You have to live with what you've got," Nelson said.

Marjorie was one of 100 Rockford residents to cast their absentee ballot this week on top of the better than average 1,400 absentee requests already turned in.

"Oh, that's very good news. The more people the better it is, and absentees are often a gauge of how people are going to vote in the election," Rockford's Board of Election’s Nancy Strain said.

Winnebago County election leaders agree. With 800 requests in and registered voters having until November 1 to fill out their absentee ballot, supervisor Margie Mullins thinks the county will far eclipse their 2000 absentee turnout.

"We really do look to see a high turnout at this election, so I hope they don't disappoint, but as far as the absentees look, definitely it's going to be a high turnout," Mullins said.

And now that her vote is sealed, Nelson and her husband can enjoy themselves on Election Day, far away from Rockford.

"We always go to Vegas, and that's where we're going ‘cause we like it and we feel good out there," Nelson said.

Election workers in Boone, Ogle and Stephenson Counties also report strong early absentee and general voter registration. The deadline for voter registration in Illinois is this upcoming Tuesday, October 5.