Busy Hurricane Season Affecting Stateline Travel Agents

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Though Terri Lenz is often busy booking other vacations, a steady hurricane season is leaving gaping holes in the longtime travel agent's itinerary.

"This year has been really bad; to have that many in a row, even for them to get cleaned up. Once they are ready, another one comes. It's been very devastating to the people of Florida," Lenz explains.

And the economic impact is trickling north to the stateline. Lenz says Mother Nature's fury is causing a decrease in sales, and a lot of disappointed vacationers.

"I have a couple that was due to go to Florida, then their flight got canceled out of Rockford. So it has played a big part on vacationers as well as those poor people down in Florida," Lenz says.

To try and revive vacation hotspots, airlines are offering fares as low as $120 round trip to the Sunshine State, but while the fares and other hotel costs might be ideal, Lenz says until the state is patched back together, few people will bite on the bargains.

"People don't want to pay for a hotel and then get down there, and then have no beach and no lawn chairs and windows, and so they're very cautious about they are going in Florida.

But even with Florida and the Caribbean roughed up, Lenz is confident that once the storms settle down, the vacation floodgates will reopen.

"We get people that are going all the time so I'm sure that it will be just fine once this weather gets out of the way, and they get everything cleaned," Lenz adds.