Vision 100 About to Come Into Focus

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Opinions about school districts are everywhere from the grocery store to the gym, but now, the Belvidere school district is setting up the idea shop outside of the School Board meetings.

Vision 100 will debut in Belvidere next month. The twice monthly meeting will give residents a chance to discuss hot district topics from student achievement to overcrowding of Belvidere High School.

A recent survey shows opinion is evenly split on whether to build one mega high school or two smaller high schools. Organizers are excited to give the Belvidere community another outlet to share their ideas.

"The more we can get their input to help round out their programs and develop a consensus to round out at that level, the more we are going to be successful", Vision 100 co-chair Kim Larson said.

The first Vision 100 meeting will take place October 7 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Belivdere Middle School. The meetings will be held twice a month through December 16.