Air Force One Lands in the Stateline

We've seen Air Force One on TV and in pictures, but rarely does the giant Boeing 747 make a stop in our neck of the woods, but Friday President Bush descended on the stateline and massive security preparations were in place to keep the nation's commander in chief safe.

The intricate and detailed security measures were carried out by law enforcement agencies from all over southern Wisconsin.

Many say Air Force One is a defining symbol of our country; it shuttles our president around the world, ensuring his safety and it embeds a true sense of patriotism in everyone who sees the majestic aircraft.

After making his way down the stairs and shaking the hands of Wisconsin greeters, President Bush got on a bus and a 30-vehicle motorcade set off for Janesville.

As the president continues his travels across the country he's left a piece of the presidential race here in the stateline, just as the sprint for the White House really starts to take off.