9-11 Birthdays

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On a day when the world was remembering the tragedy of Sept. 11, it seems hard to imagine celebrating, but that's what some people were trying to do.

Birthdays are supposed to be about fun and excitement. But what happens when your birthday falls on the day of one of the greatest tragedies in U.S. history?

To Ronald Moore and his daughter Marian Wiley Moore their birthdays are about dealing with several emotions. While they're both trying to be excited, as they have their birthday dinner, they can't help but be reminded about the terrorist attacks.

Marian turns 18 on Sept. 11, but she actually had her party one month ago because she knew it would be hard to have fun on the one year anniversary of 9-11. She says that made it a lot easier to stay focused on celebrating.

They gave it a good shot anyway. Mrs. Moore had balloons ready, cards to open and even a little tune to sing. But Ronald says it's still difficult.

Ronald says the good thing is that no one will ever forget his birthday. As for Marian, she doesn't have plans to celebrate her birthday a month early again next year. She said it just didn't feel the same.