Education Takes Center Stage

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Education is expected to be the main topic on President Bush's agenda when he heads to Janesville Friday, and local teachers are anxiously waiting to hear what the president has to say.

Education has been at the center of Jean Bailey's life for more than 25 years, so when President Bush speaks on her favorite topic Friday in Janesville, she'll be listening.

"Yes, we're excited that he's interested in education, that's a biggie in our lives," says Jean Bailey, who teaches 5th grade at Rock County Christian School in Janesville.

Private schools received a tough blow this year. Title Five funds, federal dollars they received through No Child Left Behind, have been slashed by Congress.

"With that money I was able to send teachers for training. I was also able to buy special programs to be in the classroom and I’d really like to see him address that and put pressure to get that back," says Rock County principal, Linda Hutson.

Policy in the Janesville public school district prohibits them from talking about political issues, but they did tell us how No Child Left Behind has impacted them.

"It forces school districts to look at all their students individually, where in the past we looked at students all together and I think that's benefited and forced us to look at if pockets of students aren't doing as well as others," says Mike Kuehne, Director of Instruction for the school district.

Kuehne says, however, since No Child Left Behind is fairly new, there are still a few kinks to iron out, and while the district will not be involved in Friday's event, they will be listening.