A Mother Holds Out Hope for Her Missing Son

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The sound of her son's message on the phone is for now the only proof that Barbara Torok has to hold onto.

"There's gotta to be a miracle out there, wanting my son back. I'll do anything to find him. We're not going to give up until we find him and get an answer," Torok said.

But there have been few answers during Michael's 17-day disappearance. He was last seen September 5, at Menard's in Cherry Valley. Since then, nothing; no cell phone calls on his phone, no contact to his friends, not even a sighting of his black Chevy Silverado.

"We're baffled why we can't find at least the black truck," Torok said.

Barbara says all area police and farmers are on the lookout for his truck and his whereabouts. Until then, Michael's mother remains optimistic, and if Michael can hear it, she has a simple plea to her son.

"Michael, we love you, please come home, everyone misses you. Everyone is worried. Please, we want you to come home," Torok said.

Michael was last seen in red shirt and khaki shorts, he is six feet two inches tall, and his black Silverado has a North Carolina license plate with the numbers PZW-4037.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, please contact the Dekalb Sheriff's Department at 895-2155.