Lead Testing for Toys

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So far this year, it seems like they've come one after another...Recalls on millions of toys...pulled from store shelves because of dangerous levels of lead. The federal government took action on the recalls, but you can track this danger too with a trip down the Child Safety aisle at your local hardware store. "All it takes is household water and the kit, which we'll get into, it's very simple," said Tom Siehoff, a local hardware store owner. Siehoff believes these lead-test kits are worth the investment, not just for simplicty, but for cost too. You can buy them for $9.99. "Peace of mind is worth it $9.99 when it comes to your children, it's as simple as that," Siehoff said. We wanted to see how these kits worked so we tested it out on a toy car. The process starts with four drops of water on a test pad, then you rub on the toy for two minutes. While we're waiting for the test results, Siehoff says it's best to find kits by companies well-grounded in this testing industry. And with the lead one, you want to look out for some coloring changes when the time is up. "if it comes up pinkish or purple, you've got high danger of lead, get rid of the item," Siehoff said. As we wrapped up on the car, we found no signs of those colors...so good news for our toy....and it could be for yours too...with a few drops of water and minutes of your time. Along with this kit, blood testing is another option if you're concerned that your child may have lead in their system. For that, your best bet is checking out your local county health department.

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