Targeting Violence One Neighborhood at a Time

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Members of Ceasefire, which is a community organization, roamed the streets informing residents that there are alternatives to violence. This new type of outreach comes just days after two shootings in Rockford over the weekend.

Instead of gunshots ringing out in neighborhoods along South Main, a staple gun is doing the firing. Armed with nothing more than their voice, members of Ceasefire targeted the most recent crime stricken area of our community. Now, door hangers, posters and hopefully a strong message is all that is left behind in neighborhoods along South Main.

"We're moving down a proactive road. We don't want our crime rate, shootings, or murders to go up like it was in the past,” Reverend Ralph Hawthorne with Ceasefire says.

This weekend we had two shootings within blocks of each other. The first was Saturday night at the El Argona Club on Kent Street where a 29-year-old man was shot in the stomach.

Tina Musso's daughter was at the club that night. She says her daughter was approached by gang members and then slapped around.

"After the fight broke up, she jumped in her car and went around the corner. When she was trying to leave is when she saw an innocent stranger get shot,” Musso tells 23 News.

Tina is out with Ceasefire targeting other youth to not ruin their lives with gangs and violence.

The second shooting happened Sunday night near South Main Food and Liquor. A man not from Rockford was shot in the hip. We can expect Ceasefire to go door-to-door after every shooting.

A 58-percent decline in shootings is what Chicago has seen with this type of violence prevention.