Teen Acne

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23 News Reporter Natalie Kaplan talks to a local dermatologist about what teens can do to beat those blemishes.

Heading into freshman year of high school, it's something Nate McGoldrick didn't want to deal with but like 85 percent of teens around the nation, acne's not something they have a choice about.

Now, more and more of our children are heading to dermatologists for treatment. Treatments that range from daily lotions to prescription medications.

If you're a mild kind of acne cleansers may be used, a lotion or a cream on top of the skin like a gel. If you tend to have more scaring then doctors sometimes want to be more aggressive because that scaring is permanent.

McGoldrick had a more sever case of acne, so Rockford Dermatologist Dr. Coates put him on Accutane. It's a medication taken for twenty weeks. Periodically you head in for lab work and after the five months your skin is supposed to be clean and clear.

There are side effects, the most common is dry skin. Girls are also not supposed to get pregnant on the medication because it can cause birth defects.

Teenagers aren't the only ones with skin problems. Coming up on 23 News on Thursday Natalie will talk to us about adult acne and how to go about treating that as well.

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