Open Roads for a Faster Future

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The Illinois Toll Authority presented their future plans for our roadways.

About 75 people came out to the Clock Tower to listen and respond to their plans. Over the next 10 years drivers will see reconstruction, wider roads and a new system called “open road tolling.”

Under the plan, drivers will either have to get an I-Pass or expect to dig out more change. Cash paying drivers would pay 80 cents at toll plazas. For I-Pass users there is no increase.

Open road tolling allows travel with an I-Pass at highway speed through all toll plazas. Presenters discussed how the new tolling will reduce travel times and congestion, but some in the audience question when I-Pass users would have to pay more.

In our area, Osco, Road Ranger and toll plaza's like the Belvidere Oasis currently sell I-Passes. The plan also includes tearing down the northbound toll at the Cherry Valley Plaza.

The Toll Authority has to give their final approval in the next few months.