Adequate Yearly Progress Reports

The Beloit and Janesville school districts are fulfilling that promise with most students exceeding state standards, but some schools have been placed on a list as a result of the "No Child Left Behind Act."

Craig and Parker High Schools in Janesville and Beloit Memorial High and McNeel Middle School have been put on a list for missing the "Adequate Yearly Progress" indicator or AYP.

The AYP tracks a school’s progress in four areas; graduation rates, attendance and achievement levels in math and science.

In Janesville, the two high schools made the list because a subgroup of students at each school didn't meet one of more of the standards.

Beloit Memorial missed the required 82 percent attendance rate by one percentage point and two subgroups out of eight at McNeel Middle School didn't meet the math standards. There are no sanctions associated with missing AYP for one year.

Olson says the report really just serves as a benchmark to see how school districts are doing and if adequate progress has been made.