Beloit College Visas

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International students at Beloit College in Wisconsin are having a hard time getting to school this fall because their visas have been delayed or denied.

Six students from China, Russia and India were accepted to Beloit College, but have not shown up for classes this fall because they were either denied visas or are still awaiting word. In the majority of these cases students have been unable to prove that they intend to go back to their home country after getting their degree.

Jacob Kandji was denied when he first applied for his visa two years ago.

When applying for a student visa, there are three criteria that must be met. The students must demonstrate academic preparation, financial capabilities, and intent to return to their home country. Beloit college director of international admissions says showing intent is not an easy task.

Kandji says he hasn't changed his mind. He's from Senegal in West Africa. He plans on returning when he is finished with his degree.

Jacob says he knows one of the students who planned on coming to Beloit College this fall, but was denied a visa. He says she has plans to try again next year.