Vice President Dick Cheney Addresses Supporters in DeKalb

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On a night when Illinois Republicans shelled out hundreds of dollars, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert tells supporters, "Don't put your money on John Kerry taking Illinois just yet, but if you see in the polls, we're getting closer and closer and closer. We can carry Illinois for the president of the United States," Hastert said.

And then came the man of the hour, Vice-President Dick Cheney, who praised Hastert's House achievements and the need to keep Congress and the White House in Republican hands.

"A quieter kind of leadership that gets results, builds respect and goodwill across party lines and makes the system work a lot better in the long run, and that's the way speaker Hastert does his job," Cheney said.

The VP also highlighted the administration's tax cuts and promised another four years equals even greater prosperity.

"We will keep moving forward with a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda. We will work to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and to help families and small businesses we'll lead a bipartisan effort to reform and simplify the federal tax code," Cheney said.

While much of the speech discussed Cheney and the administration's goals for a second term, it also spent a significant time criticizing John Kerry's back and forth positions on Iraq.

"When the headlines are good, he's for the war and when the poll numbers are bad he's against it. This constant back and forth may be a good strategy for a windsurfer, but it's no way to run for president of the United States," Cheney said.

And in the post 9/11 world, Cheney promised he and President Bush will never waver in taking out terrorists and going after the terrorist world.

"As President Bush has made very clear, there is a difference between leading a coalition of many nations and submitting to the objections of a few. We will never seek a permission slip to defend the United States of America," Cheney said.