Roscoe Police Shoots Dog

"Is that your dog that's dead? I ran over to check and it was my dog."

As he does everyday..Bill Sullivan walks to the kennel of his son's dog...but for the first time in three years, it's empty.

"I heard the door slam and my son was histrical i could barely understand and when I could he said 'They killed my dog, they killed my dog."

It happened Saturday morning. That's when the Sulilvan's dog Buddy ..escaped from his leash ...jumped over the families 4 foot fence.. and entered the grounds of Ledges.. a horse jumping park that backs up to their home. 10 year old Covan chased after him, but he was too late. A Roscoe police officer found buddy first and shot him... The family was shocked.

"I walked up to the officer and I said you killed my dog? You killed my dog? And he said, 'I didn't know if he was dangerous or not.'"

The family feels it was an act of cruelity. Roscoe police say the officer acted in self defense. Police have no proof of past violent behavior.

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